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My writing credits include Gig Nua (Superpaua Scealai, 2020), SALTBORN (Mercury Theatre Monologue winner, 2020), Folsom (Tiny Play For Ireland winner, 2020), RISK (2016 Dublin Fringe), Absolute Beginners (New Theatre, 2017), Spandex Blues (Smock Alley, 2016), Dragonscales (Smock Alley Collaborations, 2015) and A Very Zombie Fairytale (The Exchange 2012, revived 2013).

My Directing credits include BASH (Out of Time Theatre, 2018), RISK, A Very Zombie Fairytale, Shadowskin (Siteation, 2012) and Measure for Measure (La Cathedral Studios, 2011).

I have trained with Baboro (You, Finn & The Play Between, 2021), Theatre Lovett (Teddy Talks 2020, Actor Training 2018), Fishamble Theatre (Playwriting Fellowship co-produced through Belltable Limerick, 2016), Dante or Die (masterclass co-produced through Belltable Limerick, 2017) and Cardboard Citizens (London, 2012).

I have recently completed a year as an Artist In Residence with Superpaua Theatre.

and yes, all the lovely artwork for my shows is mine.


artistic values


I write, direct, design and create in many ways; I aim to find the magical in the mundane, and the mundane in the magical. More than anything else, I aim to create handmade universes for each show I’m involved with.


Work in the arts is often seen as mysterious and magical. While well meant, this attitude can render the labour in making art invisible. For that reason I am committed to paying myself and all collaborators a decent wage for their labour, and providing a safe, respecftul work envoroment.


I believe strongly that theatre is for everyone, and that everyone should have a place in theatre. My work foregrounds female and marginalised voices, and I am interested in connecting with all audiences.


latest mischief

I'm currently working on my next draft of Redbird, which I hope to finish by summer 2023. Read an extract below:

ABIGAIL: She’s wrong, you know... I’m not a witch. Not really. I dabble. Lots of girls do. Me. The Mercies, both Lewis and Thornton. The Watson sisters. Abigail Big Nose and Abigail Lightskirt. Katherine Faye. Betsy Porter. Betsy Putnam. Margaret Twitchfoot, that does for the Corwins. Jenny Lightskirt, that does for every man in town.

Lots of us, lots of us girls and all of us “witches.”

There’s not a lot else to do in Salem Village, once the sun goes down, but turn to the Dark Arts. Not a lot to do when it’s up either, at least not a lot that’s interesting. Working under The Eye of The Lord is such a bloody bore. Ha!

So, when it’s dark, and quiet, and the air is sweet, and the stars are glinting like iron nails in the sky… Well then, I have been known to go for a walk. In the woods. On my own. At night. Oh, stop looking at me like that. It’s not like I wander around in my nip. And it’s perfectly understandable. The night is quiet, and velvet, and nobody can see what you’re doing. Nobody can watch you. It’s lovely. The daytime in Salem is all filthy cotton, and sweating rags, and every pair of eyes on you ‘til you want to curl into a ball from the bloody weight of it. But night isn't like that.

At night, a body can breathe.

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Come up to the Lab, and see what’s on the slab…


"Hellfire and damnation reign down on Salem Town!"

Abigail Hobbes likes to tell people she's a witch... Which is fun, until the Salem Witch Trials break out. But now the adults around her are taking her claims seriously, she decides she'll show them a witch... No matter the cost to others.

Based on real events, Redbird examines the impact of adult complacency and religious frenzy on a rebellious teenager as she falls through her society’s cracks.

This project has received support from Arts and Disability Ireland and Superpaua Theatre. It is suitable for ages 12 +

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Images show Amy Flood and Lucy Smith


Cá bhfuil do bháile? An bhfuil a fhios agat, fós?

Tá ar Mama agus Baba phláinéad nua a fháigáil. Tosaíonn siad ar turas deacair tríd na réaltaí: Bualfaidh siad le gaoithe cosmach, créatúirí iontach agus Spásaire fiú... Ach an féidir leo cairdre nua agus baile nua a fháil dóibh féin?

Is drámaíocht céadfach é seo; cuirfear i leith é le ceol beo agus puipéadaí. Tá sé oiriúnach do pháistí idir 18 mhí agus 3 bliana.

Tá tacaíocht faighte ó Chomhairle Contae Atha Cliath Theas, Drámaíocht Superpaua agus Axis, Ballymun.

An aisteóir Roseanne Lynch ag obair ar “Sóilsíní.”



risk, Dublin Fringe 2016

absolute beginners, Smock alley 2016, new theatre 2017


spandex blues, smock alley 2016




So You Want To Be

A Hench-Person?

Gig Nua

RISK is performed by Sue Barrett & Lisa Tyrell

Absolute Beginners was performed by Andrea Bolger, Ann Doyle, Sam Monaghan and Lisa Tyrell

Spandex Blues is performed by Diane Crotty & Luke Casserly

Saltborn is performed by Charity Wakefield

So You Want To Be A Hench-Person is performed by Cian O'Ceallachain

& Luke Casserly

Gig Nua is performed by Martha Dunlea

Read my Tiny Play for Ireland, FOLSOM

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while i make my own work, i am also always happy to collaborate with other artists.

I am also currently open to commissions.

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  • Superpaua Theatre
  • Baboro Arts Festival
  • Grafitti Theatre Company
  • Game Theory
  • Dublin Fringe
  • Smock Alley Theatre

  • Theatre Lovett
  • Fishamble Theatre
  • Dante or Die
  • Cardboard Citizens
  • Barrabas
  • Finnegan Kruchmeyer


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